03 July 2008

Attract Max's Attention

Look at the plant on the left

Take a piece of the plant

Piece of Plant

Look at the Piece of Plant
tip : an oily liquid is dripping off of it

Try to open the fuse box on the right

Go to the hall through the door on the right

Look at the plan on the wall to the left of the stairs

Look at the list on the wall to the left of the plan
(must have looked at the nameplate beside Max's office)

Try to leave through the exit on the left

Look at the lamp on the right wall

Walk to the rear area of the room

Look at the large statue on the left

Open the secret door in the statue


Pick up the key from inside the secret compartment


Return to the front area through the exit at the bottom

Climb the stairs at the back of the room

Use the Key to open the fuse box

Look at the fuse box

Use the fuse box
(must have looked at the list showing Max's office number)

Max Gruber

Talk to Max about everything

Return to Vladimir's office through the door at the back
(must have talked to Max about everything)

Detective Kanski

Talk to Detective Kanski about everything

Check Out Vladimir's Office

This free video game walkthrough is for the Nintendo DS