03 July 2008

Visit Oleg

Leave through the door at the back

Use the motorcycle and go to Oleg's house
(must have found Oleg's address in Vladimir's address book)

Look at the yellow telephone booth on the left

Pick up the empty plastic bag to the right of the telephone booth

Plastic Bag

Walk to the front door of Oleg's house

Ring the doorbell to the right of the door

Oleg Kambursky

Diary Entry

Look at the catflap in the left door

Look at the feeding dish to the right of the door

Return to the front of the house

Take the path around the left side of the house

Pick up the broomstick beside the green garbage bin on the right


Look through the window slit at the back of the house
(must have rung the doorbell)

Look at the feeding dish on the floor
tip : this has a water bowl

Look at Oleg
hint : maybe there's a way to listen to Oleg's conversation

Find Oleg's Address

This free video game walkthrough is for the Nintendo DS