06 July 2008

Check Out the Train

Diary Entry
Involuntary Trip

Look at the soldier

Look at the bag the soldier is sleeping on
tip : this is likely to contain castor oil

Try to get the bag the soldier is sleeping on

Look at the lamp above the soldier
tip : the bulb is not very bright

Pick up the dried fruit from the table in front of the soldier

Dried Fruit

Pick up the bottle of orange juice from the table

Bottle of Orange Juice

Enter the sliding door at the back of the carriage

Pick up the honey from the left side of the front benchtop


Look at the faucet at the back

Look at the pot to the right of the faucet

Leave through the door on the right

Enter the door at the back of the carriage

Look at the power outlet in the bottom right corner

Talk to Alexej, the assistant standing at the front of the carriage


Look at either glass to the left of Alexej

Talk to Doctor Lesniak, the scientist sitting at the back
hint : maybe some homemade jam might improve his mood

Doctor Lesniak

Board the Train

This free video game walkthrough is for the Nintendo DS