19 July 2008

Check Out the Basement

Enter the elevator on the left

Look at the camera above the door
tip : Max should be watching

Look at the valve on the pipe beside the door

Try to use the valve

Touch the large radiator on the wall

Try to enter the circular door on the right

Try to get the icicle hanging at the back

Use the Sign with the icicle


Enter the door at the rear

Look at the pipe to the left of the door
tip : this pipe is connected to the radiator

Look at the chain hanging at the back of the room

Look at the barrel in the shelving
tip : the barrel's contents should not come in contact with water

Pick up the wrench below the barrel


Read the danger sign on the shelving
tip : the paint is brittle and is crumbling off the sign

Look at the wall of ice on the left

Signal for Help

This free video game walkthrough is for the Nintendo DS