01 July 2008

Check Out Vladimir's Office

Nina Kalenkov

Diary Entry

Key Ring

Look at the Key Ring

Look at the file cabinet to the left of the door

Look at the map on the wall to the left of the monitor

Take a closer look at the coin showcase to the left of the map

Look at the empty compartment in the coin showcase

Try to use the radiator vent below the window on the left
tip : this can be used to release water from the radiator

Pick up the photo from the floor near the window

Diary Entry
Torn Photo

Look at the certificate to the left of the lamp

Look at the picture to the left of the certificate

Pick up the porcelain bowl from the left side of the desk

Porcelain Bowl

Look at the piece of rock on the right side of the desk
tip : it has a red-violet glow

Pick up the piece of rock

Piece of Rock

Pick up the flask from the top of the machine on the right


Try to leave through the office door

Use the telephone on the desk

Police Woman

Leave through the office door
(must have used the telephone)

Look at nameplate to the right of the door on the left

Try to enter Max's office
hint : maybe there's a way to turn off the music

This free video game walkthrough is for the Nintendo DS