03 July 2008

Check Out Vladimir's House

Look at the yellow glass shards on the right side of the street

Pick up a yellow glass shard

Yellow Shard

Look at the motorcycle to the left of the entrance

Try to use the motorcycle seat

Use the Key Ring to unlock the storage compartment in the seat

Use the motorcycle seat

Cell Phone and Sunglasses

Look at the Cell Phone
tip : it has has all the modern features including recording

Look at the Sunglasses
tip : they're blue

Use the motorcycle

Diary Entry

Look at the book in the drawer on the bed on the right

Pick up the book


Look at the Book
(must have picked up the book)

Book Casket

Look at the Book Casket

Look at the fish tank on the right

Try to use the fish tank

Look at the portable cassette player on the floor

Pick up the portable cassette player

Portable Cassette Player

Look at the Portable Cassette Player
(must have picked up the portable cassette player)


Look at the files in the shelves on the left wall

Lift up the left front edge of the carpet

Look at the gap under the carpet

Try to reach into the gap under the carpet
hint : maybe something long and thin can be found

Take a closer look at the desk on the left

Try to use the cassette tape recorder behind the globe

Look at the slice of pizza on the plate
tip : it has tuna fish on it

Pick up the slice of pizza


Pick up the salt shaker from the back of the desk

Salt Shaker

Use the computer keyboard and try any password combination

Attract Max's Attention

This free video game walkthrough is for the Nintendo DS